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30 Oct 2016
Over a sunny afternoon in Atlanta, GA we ride through the city as Chikwe Jah discusses his new album Kingdom of Kush. The veteran MC is apparently taking all of it in stride because he discusses his third studio release and just what hiphop as well as the record companies mean to him. Seamlessly flowing from the reputation rap, his respect to the culture immediately leaves an effect upon me. Because the rapper discusses sets from his favorite strains of marijuana, to politics, to legacy it might be very apparent that i'm set for a great gift.

Hip Hop

If we commence to hear Kingdom of Kush I will be struck from the strength of rap, by only some songs in I am aware very succinctly that hip hop has just evolved. After a spoken word opening entitled "Joy Will come in the Morning" featuring poet Tricia Hersey the rapper waste virtually no time and hits us with "Caucasian Rich" an audio lesson with such amazing musicality that my head usually expected to rock rhythmically together with the biggest look of satisfied stank on my face.

The album supplies a diverse landscape of sound and lyric, but overall Kingdom of Kush empowers and left me which has a feeling that we had just met one of hip hop's greatest lyricists. Activities like the when rap is oversaturated with mumbles, grunts, and adlibs Chikwe Jah reminded me that words are available and also have great meaning, yes� rap still lives. His diversity in subject material and depth of lyricism is both refreshing and entertaining. In one moment we had arrived drifting down Ponce De Leon Ave with my head being eroticized by "Sex Fiend" plus another connecting together with the emotion of unapologetic black survival in "Stay Lit".

Without any hyperbole, Kingdom of Kush is among the most meaningful album of year. Its neoteric narrative of black life in America, and contemporary flows put it in the category of its own. Rap has witnessed plenty of cons, but Chikwe Jah is not one too. As we get to Tacos and Tequilas for supper, I'm thinking this feels classic, the rapper has i want to tune in to the complete album as well as in a really humble tone asks me "what do you think?" I tell him plain and simply "you rock!!!"


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